Admission requirements

Admission requirements for doctoral program

At the doctoral school, the training and obtaining a degree are provided in the following forms:

•organized training

  • full-time training (state-funded, or self-funded);
  • part-time training (distance learning, self-funded);
  • individual training (self-funded);

• individual preparation (self-funded, without training).

In all forms of organized training (full-time, distance learning, or individual), the duration of training is 36 months. (48 months starting from September 2016)

The evaluation procedure of the entrance procedure is described in Section 20 of the Doctoral Regulations. During the admission interview, the scientific (professional) performance of applicants, their scientific activity, and foreign language proficiency will be evaluated in the framework of a scoring evaluation.

The evaluation procedure of the recruitment process

After the admission interview, the admission committee evaluates the applicant in accordance with Section 19 of the Doctoral Regulations. For full-time and part-time (distance learning) training, successful completion must be at least 60, at least 70 for individual training and 80 points for individual preparation. Within this score: the total score for the scientific (professional) performance is 0-60 points; Up to 20 points can be awarded to evaluate the scientific activity of the past, with a minimum of 10 points for individual training and a minimum of 20 points for individual preparation; Maximum total score for foreign language proficiency is 20 points. The Admission Committee shall develop its standpoint on the suitability of applicants, which is forwarded to the University Doctoral Committee. The UDC shall decide on the acceptance or rejection of applicants. Candidates will be notified by post.

Applications for organized doctoral training and individual preparation must be submitted in the manner specified in Sections 17-18 of the NKE Doctoral Regulations. The sample of the application form is included in the Appendix to the registration form. Applications for doctoral training may be obtained by submitting a master's degree and qualification certificate or that of an equivalent university degree and five degrees of attestation of qualifications and at least one state-accredited intermediate (B2) complex (C) type or equivalent language certificate. The recognition of diplomas obtained abroad is in accordance with the provisions of Section 2 of the Doctoral Regulations.

Conditions of applications:

1) submission of applications and the submission of compulsory annexes;

2) a statement of acceptance by the head of the topic and research area;

3) an acceptance proposal of the selection committee based on the interview;

4) the proposal of doctoral schools and the decision of the University Doctoral Council (EDT) on the recruitment;

5) the certified proof of training and research funding;

6) in the case of individual applicants, application for a comprehensive examination and a graduation procedure.

How to submit a proposal: The completed application form addressed to the rector of the university - by the professional and contracted applicants of the defence, law enforcement agencies, or those of national security services - either by post (1441 Budapest, Pf .: 60), or personally, or at the university's administration system, to the NKE Scientific Affairs Office (1083 Budapest, Ludovika Square 2), pursuant to applicable legal regulations. The envelope containing the application must also be marked "APPLICATION FOR DOCTORAL TRAINING".

Compulsory attachments:

1. Proof of payment of the admission procedure fee.

2. Certificate of no records, not older than three months, or if employed in a position subject to such certificate, a certificate of the place of work on this, and in case of foreign citizens the equivalent documents.

3. An official statement committing to pay the costs of doctoral training program.

4. In case of in-house or sector applicants the opinion and recommendation of the employer or commander for participation in the training.

5. For last-year students, the registration book; for graduated students the copy of diploma received in a master course or equivalent university training; in the case of a university degree abroad its homologation. In the case of a student, a certificate of studies made to date, and the recommendation of the Scientific Student Association. (It is necessary to present original documents.)

6. A copy of the language certificates. ("C" type intermediate level state-accredited – (B2 level) general or complex or equivalent language certificate) (Original documents are required.)

7. CV

8. The research topic as announced by the supervisor or in the case of candidates for individual tuition or applying for an individual training program, agreed with the supervisor and proposed for approval to the University Doctoral Council, in not more than five pages.

9. In the case of awards at the National Scientific Students’ Conference, the relevant diplomas or copies thereof, in the case of scientific publications, the list and photocopies or separate printouts thereof.

Application form

CV template


At the entrance interview, the applicant must prove that he / she possesses comprehensive knowledge in the discipline of the research topic applied for as well as profound knowledge in his / her research field.

The applicant must be prepared for the admission interview in the field of the following topics:

·         classification of military technical sciences and its relation to other disciplines;

·         the interpretation of military technical sciences, their research fields, and the usefulness of their results;

·         the research field classification of the applied research topic, the interpretation of the research area and its usefulness;

·         the proposed research topic in the formulation of a scientific problem, research objectives, major research directions, expected scientific results and their usability.

The University announces an extended entrance examination if the number of doctoral students of the schools are not filled. One can apply for the supplementary submission – by submitting the completed application form – in the format and address given in the spring recruitment procedure. There is no possibility for overdue completion of documents in this case. In the case of an extended entrance examination period the entrance interview will take place in August.

For the actual deadlines please contact the doctoral school administration.

Registration fee and tuition fee of doctoral program:

The fee for applying for a doctoral degree is set out in the Government Decree section 423/2012 (XII.29.) on the Higher Education Admission Procedure and the fees to be paid by PhD students, as well as the Rector's instruction section 28/2014 on Doctoral and Habilitation Procedural Fees, is HUF 9,000.

The fee for the admission procedure is to be transferred to the following account number:

MÁK 10023002-00318259-00000000.

The reimbursement fees related to the education are determined by the Rector's Instructions in accordance with the Rules of the Business Administration and the Student Reimbursement and Compensation Regulations. By Rector's order 8/1016. On the fees to be paid by students participating in doctoral training, and doctoral and habilitation fees, the doctoral training fees for academic year 2017/2018 are the following:

  • organized training with tuition fee:
  • full-time: HUF 260,000 /semester,
  • part-time: HUF 260,000 /semester,
  • individual: HUF 260,000 /semester,
  • individual preparation: HUF 150,000

Documents related to the entrance procedure can be found as attachments of the "Doctoral Regulations".