Ph.D. in Military Engineering

In the first approximation, the role of the new branch of the Doctoral School can be determined on the basis of the related military and engineering sciences. Accordingly, military sciences can be determined as a discipline  that  creates new scientific research findings, satisfying the  needs  of  military  users,  with  the procedures and tools of technical sciences. Their research findings are manifested in new, modern procedures and tools  of  military  technology  and the defence sphere in the broadest sense  and  the  related  fields  of  science  and use (defence industry, defence electronics, information technology and communication, national defence, law enforcement, environmental security, environmental protection, CBRN (chemical, biology,  radiology  (dirty  bomb),  and nuclear weapons) defence and  non-proliferation,  counterterrorism,  disaster management, protection of critical infrastructure, energy security, security technology, defence administration).

Military engineering sciences include all disciplines of technical, disciplinary, technological, technology transfer and technical innovations related to the military application of all other engineering disciplines belonging to engineering sciences (civil engineering, electrical engineering, architectural sciences, materials science and technology, engineering, transport and vehicle, bio-, environmental and chemical engineering, information technology, agricultural engineering and multidisciplinary engineering).

This kind of Ph.D. degree is unique in Europe and worldwide. Doctoral degree in this discipline can be obtained only at University of Public Service.

The fields of research at the Doctoral School include Theory of military engineering infrastructure; Military technology and robotics; Defence electronics; IT and communication; Military environment security; Military logistics and defence economy; Security technology; Disaster management; Aviation and Aeronautics. Besides, the Doctoral School of Military Engineering is entitled to conduct a habilitation procedure too.